Friday was the semis and the finals of the European Championship Lead climbing and it was nearly 10 minutes away from my hotel.

I believe I got up at half past 9 to fix myself some breakfast. Third day in a row I ate the same breakfast. I ate 2 simple buns with 2 slices of ham. And I ate some chocolate muesli with milk.

Every day the hostess asked us if we’d like to have some tea, coffee or hot chocolate. I picked tea. Nikki picked tea as well. You should know how ridiculously fast she drinks her tea. While I’m still drinking my first cup, she already managed to finish a full teapot.

Okay enough about breakfast. After our breakfast we went to the competition venue to support Jorg Verhoeven. The weather conditions kinda sucked, it rained a lot. We went by car to the competition to stay dry.

Once we arrived, there were lots of clouds above the wall.

Fortunately they set up tents in case it would rain. I didn’t feel like getting wet so I was hiding in this tent to stay dry.

Somewhat later the boulder team arrived. It was a matter of waiting until it was Jorg’s turn. Lets hope he will make it to the finals.

Meanwhile it was dry and it was nearly Jorg’s turn to climb.

I ran down through the grass. I almost slipped but eventually I manage to keep my balance. I got my digital cam ready to record Jorg in the semis. I witnessed him walking to the route and the route didn’t go that well.

Jorg Verhoeven in the semis, EC Imst

Unfortunately Jorg didn’t manage to advance to the finals. Yet I believe he’d put a nice performance out there. We went to have lunch with the team at the bar. 3 pizza’s, 2 toasted sandwiches and 2 cakes was enough for us. Then we split up, the boulder team went back to Innsbrück except Michiel. After I dropped Elko and Nikki at our hotel, Michiel, Tim and I went to visit Hoch Imst.

We went to rodel in this Alpine Coaster. It is the longest Alpen coaster in the world, it’s 3,5 km long on rustfree steel rails. To get there we had to go by this elevator which took another 10 minutes.

The view was amazing.

After 10 minutes I was finally there. I had never done this before and thought it wouldn’t go that fast. Well, if you don’t use the brakes it is going fast. A nice tactic to go faster is to lean when the rails bend.

Rodelbahn Hoch Imst

I was so psyched after such a ride. It was about time to explore Imst. It’s not big and actually there was nothing to do downtown. So much for exploring…

In the evening we went to the competition wall to watch the finals. The men’s finals was not that exciting. The first half of the route was all about locking, matching, put your foot high and so on. The route was set straight up, kinda a pity when you have such a big wall. The routesetters should’ve set the first part easier and then set holds in the roof for about 20 or 30 meters with a vertical ending.

The women’s finals was more exciting than the men’s. They had to climb dynamic in order to reach the holds. It was nice to see how the ladies climb dynamic. Some ladies were climbing so slow. When they ran out of time it was nice to see how they climb the last few seconds in such a difficult route.

The winners of the European Championship Lead climbing:

1. Ramon Julian Puigblanque ESP (47-) 2. Adam Ondra CZE (45+) 3. Jakob Schubert AUT (45-)

1. Angela Eiter AUT (57-) 2. Johanna Ernst AUT (49-) 3. Alizée Dufraisse FRA (46-)

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