Thursday morning we went to Innsbrück to support our boulder team.

I parked our rental car downtown and paid 3 euro to park 1,5 hours and we walked to the competition venue. We were a bit late however none of our team members have started so far.

A huge party tent covered the audience from getting wet.

Obviously we were provided with a digital camera to record our team members.

The men will start first and Wally is the first Dutch guy who’s going to climb. He just flashed the first boulder!

Spokesperson, Joost Hofman is present to shoot some awesome photos.

Not much later, we encourage Casper ten Sijthoff in the first boulder.

Michiel Nieuwenhuijsen, Nicky de Leeuw and Ferdinand Schulte are also climbing very well.

Meanwhile Wally and Capsle were finished bouldering. They put up a nice performance and we’ll see them again in the semis on Saturday!

After the qualifications I decided to climb routes at Tivoli with Tim, Elko and Nikki. Nicky was so kind to borrow his rope and show us how to get there in Innsbrück.

The climbing gym at Innsbrück is awesome. There are lots of nice but also difficult routes. I had a nice training! In the evening we went back to the center for a team dinner.

The golden roof! I wasn’t the only one holding a camera in my hand. As you can see, we have a nice group photo, unfortunately not everyone is on it though…

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