Last week I received a text message on my mobile phone from Timo Tak. He’s back in town and felt like climbing outdoors. Although the weather forecast wasn’t that good I’d accepted his invitation to climb outdoors. Once in a while you need to take a risk to climb outdoors.

8 in the AM I was ready to go. I packed my harness, climbing shoes, quickdraws and enough food with me. A little later Timo arrived in his dark marine Peugeot. He was just in time, that’s how I reckon Timo.

Eindhoven – Freyr, 215 km

2 hours and 15 minutes later we arrived at Freyr. Surprisingly it was dry! We noticed the parking lot was full of cars.

Obviously we weren’t the only one who felt like climbing.

After some warm up routes, we were looking for long difficult routes.

Dry rocks yeah!

Timo is looking for a route to climb.

Timo is working in a route.

The ClickUp works perfect!

What’s the best way to get up? Right…

Some time later…

Timo hiding from raindrops.

It was pouring too much rain, time to go home.

We climbed about 4 hours at Freyr. Unfortunately the weatherman was correct and it started to rain a lot. We hoped for dry weather, better luck next time.

Oh well, we had fun climbing. Soon we’ll be back to finish our route.

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