Thursday afternoon Jort Veen, one of my sponsors, and I left The Netherlands to visit Italy. We felt like having a short holiday. It was only a matter of realising our plans.

Jort checking up on the tyres

Jort is pumping each tyre

Next day we were tired of all that driving. The weather was good, it was 29 degrees Celcius. What do you do when it’s so hot? Seek water of course. We went to this nice lake Lago di Cavedine to relax at the water.


Temperature: 29 degrees, water: 15 degrees

It was so quiet. So cool, we definitely had a good time.



Super weather

My feet in the water

Later on we went to visit Arco for nice pizza’s and icecreams. We bought icecreams at several places, however only one can be the best. Tarifa Gelateria definitely sells the best icecream. Marco, thank you for the free icecream. I enjoyed it a lot!

Truong & Marco Gelato

Furthermore I climbed very little. I think I climbed 8 routes, divided over 4 days.

Random finding some rocks

Val Lomasone, click on this photo for a bigger view

Awesome butterflies

Nice stack of stones

Butterflies digg Boreal


We ran into lots of cyclists in Italy. We even got blocked by the organisation when we were on our way to a lake. Well, we had a nice time supporting them to kill our time.

Supporting cyclists

Supporting cyclists!


Obviously as you can see I climbed very little and don’t even have a climbing picture. This time I just felt like a mini holiday at Italy. It was unforgettable. Jort, thank you for the nice time.

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