My post about Chamonix is a tad late, but I promised to publish qualification footages from Elko Q2, Nikki Q1, Q2 and from Adam Ondra Q1. There you go.

After the qualifications I went to explore Chamonix by myself. I had enough of this competition so I needed some distraction and sightseeing.


In the evening we had dinner in our apartment. Sous-chef Wally was in the kitchen, wrapped himself with a huge towel. I don’t know what he was up to but eventually the result has been captured on photo.

I was starving. All I ate for today was an apple and drank lots of water in the afternoon. It was a good meal, thanks Wally.

After dinner we didn’t do anything out the ordinary. It was raining outdoors. From within our hotel room we could hear the competition speaker. Meanwhile everyone was busy catching up on the internet.

I guess I digested my food well and slept good that night.

The next morning we slept late. Today it was the day of the semis and the finals. I was taking it easy until the semis because I didn’t fully recover yet. On the other hand, Wally is showing that he can do some pull ups on anything in the apartment. The view of the hotel is great. Nearly every 15 minutes you can see a paraglider landing on the grass.


Paragliders + teammates

Super Wally

After some news reading on our computers, Wally decided to leave us. He is going to the isolation area to check up on Jorg. Jorg is the only dutch guy who made it to the semis by climbing both qualification routes.

In the afternoon we went to see the semis. It was kinda hot, about 32 degrees with some cool wind.

Semi finals impression

During the semis Jorg managed to advance to the finals. He made it to the top 8, super! We got so bored between the semis and the finals. I enjoyed my time on a slackline. That didn’t went well because I didn’t feel good just yet.

Truong on a slackline

Right after that we went out for dinner downtown in Chamonix and returned back at our hotel to freshen up. The finals is about to start! Just 15 minutes to go and we are on our way to the venue. At 20.30h we were sitting in front of the competition wall. It was major crowded.

The coaches have their own VIP area and Nikki and I were sitting close to it. So close that a fence got in my way for my camera and I had to climb over the fence to support Jorg even more. Luckily I manage to record his actions and also from Jakob, Adam and Patxi but their footages will follow later. First they introduced the female finalists followed by the male finalists.

Adam Ondra in the finals

Jorg in the finals

8pt; “>Jorg on podium

The men’s finals was great to witness whereas the women’s finals was less interesting because the route was too easy. Jorg manage to end up third! That’s really awesome.

The Worldcup ended with a nice show.


Jorg treated me a coke and coach Wally bought us a delicious crêpe, thanks for that.

Crêpe au chocolat

I’d like to be here again next year, because Chamonix has a really nice environment. Hopefully I’ll feel well and climb in healthy conditions! For now I’ll recover from my stomache…Chamonix a bientôt.

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