Yesss! A while ago Vera Zijlstra tried to convince me to climb on classic Boreal shoes. Unfortunately she didn’t manage to convince me, such a pity.

A few days ago I received a parcel from Boreal. It didn’t contain classic climbing shoes but the new awesome Silex Velcro! They also added a big chalk bag.

I will add a short review. What is my opinion about these shoes? They feel somewhat stiff, velcro is useful and it has a nice colour.

Does it fit well? They feel very comfortable and gives additional support for those who require it. It weighs 495 gram per pair and it is made of leather. The sole is made of FS-Quattro rubber and feels thick. It has a double velcro closure which connects very well with your feet and the Anti shock heel adds more comfort to your heel.

My conclusion: These shoes are not meant for performance unlike the Falcon or Tribal, however they are really comfortable for your feet. Climbing is fun and you need these comfortable shoes to complete yourself.

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