In the morning I wake up at 8.30 AM. I realize that I am sore. I don’t feel sore in my arms or back but sore on my bottom because I fell off a skateboard. Capsle wakes up and is heading off for breakfast. I get up as well and start changing clothes. In the hallway I smell cat food again. I can’t resist that smell anymore and I’m glad this is the final day that we are here.

In the kitchen I see my team mates enjoying their breakfast. Some share a comment about my webpage updates. It is my page and I may publish what I want. In my view it is my virtual freedom. I tell them that they are not up to date and I published 2 new online updates. Meanwhile I eat a few slices of bread with some yorkham and drink tea with forest fruit flavor.

After breakfast we are packing our rucksacks and suitcases. We are leaving at 9.30 AM to Leeds. I walk to the living room to get my notebook and adapter. Everyone is busy packing. While I pack my bag I hear a vacuum cleaner in the background. We are cleaning up the place well before leaving. I tidy my bed and leave my room. When I get outdoors, I realise I am the last person who lef the house. All bags were stuffed in the cars. It was time to re stuff the cars and we manage to fit all the bags including mine and drive off to Leeds.

When we arrive at Leeds, we are somewhere downtown. We drive in circles however we don’t spot a climbing gym. It turns out that coach Wally set the wrong address in his navigation system. Using the correct address we try to find the climbing gym again. It was no problem because the gym was only 10 minutes away from our current position.

Our plan for today was to climb routes at The Leeds Wall. I felt like climbing. We rented a few harnesses , climbing materials and ropes. The harness didn’t fit well but the colors look neat.

In my view the routes were a tad easy. The routes were set simple and didn’t need much fantasy to figure the sequence. Too bad but it was nice to climb some routes. I didn’t feel pumped at all however I felt a bit tired.

I have some time left and check out the climbing shop for interesting bargains. I still have a few pounds left and spend it on a book. Jerry Moffatt – Revelations, I haven’t read this book yet so it was nice to have it. By the way, I have the last sample and that felt good.

We had some lunch together at the gym and left to the airport. We handed in our car keys and after checking in we had to wait for another hour at the airport.

I took a nap during the flight. We arrived safely at Schiphol and I say goodbye to my team mates. I shake hands with everyone and catch them come Sunday or next week.

I received a few compliments about my webpage updates. It’s always nice to have hardcore fans I suppose.

I decide to have dinner at Schiphol and coach Wally, Vera and Freddie decide to join me. I feel like having a healthy dinner however we end up in line at Burger King. I try to enjoy my meal but Vera mentions that I have one minute left to catch the train. I get up and run after Vera with a large coke and fries in my hands. Our train left on time. We will wait for the next train to arrive. At Utrecht we will split up and both head home. It feels good to be home again.

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