I was sleeping in bed and heard Capsle waking up early. We were able to sleep late today because we were leaving at 11.15 AM. I felt a bit tired and realized I probably didn’t sleep enough. I decide to take a hot shower before I get some breakfast. It was nice!

My breakfast is a few slices of bread with chocolate spread. I differ it with some slices of bread with ham and drink another glass of juice. The weather looks good however we are going to train indoors.

This time we are not going to Climbing Works again but to City Bloc at Leeds. We are going to meet the Austrian team to climb together.

When we arrive at Leeds, I notice that we are in a small climbing center. The building is big and it contains more than just climbing walls. They also have a wicked skate area!

Casper, Nicky, Michiel, Wouter and me are trying to pull some stunts. We suck at it and return to the climbing gym.

The walls look nice and the boulders are fun. Meanwhile the Austrian team has arrived. They are joining us. After climbing some boulders my skin on my fingers are getting sensitive.

A few hours later we quit climbing and have lunch outdoors. The Austrian team is heading off to the second climbing center in Leeds. I run along their cars and shoot some photo’s. Coach Wally is asking for an address confirmation for the other climbing center. They act tough and drive off with their Volkswagen stations.

The second climbing center at Leeds is The Depot climbing center. It is a bigger gym than City Bloc and they also have an amazing roof.

I feel empty however I still want to train in the roof. I change my clothes and put on my climbing shoes. When I’m at the roof I am astonished of the roof.

Fred, Channah, Nikki, Nicky, Wouter, Vera and me are climbing one by one in the roof. Casper is bouldering and Michiel decided to take it easy at the climbing shop. 6 routes in the roof is enough and I quit climbing for today. I try to save some energy for Friday.

In the evening we went out for dinner. It was late and there was no time for doing groceries and cooking. That would take hours. 20 meters away we found ourselves an Italian restaurant.

When we were ordering I decided to get a nice group photo. Everyone said “No” however I still convinced them to laugh! I had some fine pollo cacciatore and rate this restaurant an 8. Good service, quickly served dinner and we had nice entrée on the house.

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