Today we visited Climbing Works again. Beforehand Wouter arranged that we could train in the morning. Routesetters were already busy at the competition wall.

I warmed up in some fun boulders and started a strength session at the campusboard with Nikki, Channah, Nicky, Vera and Wouter.

Meanwhile Casper, Ferdinand and Michiel were trying some of the final boulder problems. Routesetters were testing their new problems as well.

In the afternoon we went back home for some lunch. After lunch Nikki, Channah, Nicky, Marjolein, Vera, Wouter and me returned to Climbing Works for another training session. We started with a light boulder circuit and conducted some individual strength exercises under supervision by Marjolein.

Back at home Michiel was preparing dinner. Casper, Nikki and Marjolein divided tasks among them and kept themselves busy in the kitchen.

Eventually they served delicious rice with chicken and salade! Credits to all of them.

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