This morning my doorbell rang at 9.30 in the A.M. I put on my bathrobe and rushed down the stairs. It was a New Year’s present from Boreal, shipped from Spain!

Boreal box

I signed a form to accept the package. I grabbed my Swiss pocketknife and cut the box carefully open to see what’s inside.


A part of this package contained new Boreal shoes. The Tribal climbing shoes. Wicked!

Boreal Tribal

Now I will share some information for climbing nerds. These shoes weigh 420 grams. The top is elastic and the sole is made from FS-Quattro rubber. The rubber is definitely stiffer than the current Falcon shoes that I have. It has nice patterns on the shoe and the heel without edges is very flexible.
I measured the time using a stopwatch to see how fast I can put on and take off these shoes. With an average time of 4.2 seconds and 2.15 seconds I just set a new personal put on and take off record. These shoes are pleasant for every climber with precision. Given the design and optimal comfort I will rate these shoes and give it an 8,5.

Thank you for this package Boreal.

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