The weather was strange in Freyr. I tagged along with Timo Tak to Belgium. It was somewhat foggy and wet at some places. When we arrived at restaurant Chamonix, the climate was foggy and moist. We still wanted to check out the rocks and went forward to Le Pape and Tête du Lion.

The rocks felt cold. We warmed up in a nice route on Le Pape. Soon Timo felt like climbing Heroïne 7a+ and managed to send it onsight. Well done, however the friction was super. I picked another route Bonsai 8a, but unfortunately I couldn’t set a quickdraw. I was unable to set it from my position. Then Timo wanted to climb God Save The Queen 8a onsight. He almost succeeded!

After Timo’s attempt I was working out Le Pilier Davaille 7b+. The movements were nice. At the end of the route I was exploring the extension, the roof. The roof didn’t have many positive holds. I gave up on the roof. I took a short break and ate a few grapes while sitting in the sun. Then I went back and I managed to send this route. Yes another route for my ticklist.

Now it was Timo’s turn again. He felt a bit tense because he knew he could send God Save The Queen. He didn’t feel so well and after a short break with some toilet paper he felt relieved and managed to send the route!

Although the cold and foggy climate we still enjoyed our time on the rocks. See you next time Freyr!

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