Today I spent another day climbing outdoors with family Fuchs and Ulf Lennertz at Freyr. I have somewhat more time and try to train more serious to climb projects outdoor. I still had to send a project from last time when I was here.

And today it was my day, I managed to send John Bee Delight Watch 8a. It felt amazing, I even had some energy left and wanted to send another route, Analsazi 8a. This route went very well, even the crux wasn’t that difficult. But at the very end, my foot slipped away, just a few meters before the anchor! Oh well, better luck next time when I return to Freyr.

Ulf and Heidi were working out Heroine 7a. Heidi did very well but unfortunately she couldn’t climb the whole route at once. Ulf did send the route and recommended me to climb this route next time. Suan repeated a few movements in John Bee and was relaxed about everything.

We ended our day with a dinner at the Chamonix restaurant. I enjoyed my time outdoors today, had a nice climb and perhaps I’ll visit Freyr again very soon.

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