Boulder 2

Today I was tagging along with Dirk Mol, Timo Tak, Ulf Lennertz and Jaap Maaskant to Bussum to join Boulder 2. It is the second boulder qualification competition to qualify for the national championship bouldering. I really felt like having a fun day of bouldering. There were plenty difficult boulders but apparently it wasn’t my day today.

Even our national coach Wouter Jongeneelen and some supporters were trying to help me to get through a boulder. I received some clues from Vera Zijlstra, Ferdinand Schulte and Casper ten Sijthoff, some national boulder top-notchers! Thank you though, but the boulders weren’t set for me or is this a sign that I’m too weak? I don’t know, I ended up as 11th.

Dirk and Timo both managed to end up in the finals. The finals contained a lot of volumes and a few holds. Nice but everyone had to work hard to send a boulder. To view the results, click here.

I still have had a nice day with everyone around me. By the way, thanks for the delicious natural power bars, Nicky’s mom. Okay, for now I will focus on routes instead of boulder competitions. See you in a month THEA.

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