Analsazi + Bansai

Today I went by train to Maastricht. I was going to climb outdoors again with Paul Lahaye at Freyr. According to Paul, Freyr should have good weather conditions this day. During our trip it rained a lot but at our destination it was surprisingly dry.

However, before heading off to the rocks we both gathered at Chamonix restaurant for a hot cup of tea and coffee. After refreshments we went to Paul’s project to set his quickdraws. I warmed up in a nice route near his project. Soon we were walking towards le Pape where I wanted to send my project, Analsazi 8a. My first go of the day went nice but yet I needed 2 attempts for this route. That felt good, I just sent my third 8a and can add it to my ticklist!
Next was Bansai 8b, I was working in this route and figured that the movements would be more difficult. After taking a break we went back to Paul’s project. He managed to send his route, Mephisto 7c! It went so nice and steady, even he was surprised. Our day was perfect.

I wanted to start my attempt in Bansai, so we went back to le Pape. I gave it a shot but I had put my feet at the wrong footholds at the crux and therefore failed in climbing the route. Paul suggested I enjoy the route and everything will be okay. Paul’s suggestion proved to be very helpful and with that motivation I started my second attempt. I felt great and just tried to enjoy the weather while I was climbing. And I succeeded, the crux and the movements went steady. I sent my first 8b, nice to add that one to my ticklist.

It was a fun day for Paul and me. I enjoyed climbing outdoors. Climbing between weekdays at Freyr is so nice. We ended our day with a dinner at Chamonix and soon I’ll be back for some more challenges!

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