Last Sunday was the final Promotop held at Eindhoven. Things didn’t go so well as i kept messing around in the semis and ended up in 6th. But this was enough to place me in the try-out duel climbing in the finals.

My duel was versus Tim Reuser, Nicky de Leeuw, and Pim Cattenstart. All worthy opponents who ended above me in the semis. I had won the battle versus Tim by time, Nicky was too fast for me and Pim surrendered due to a finger injury. This led me to 3rd place in the finals.

The finals were spectacular for the viewers and supporters, but the route was built too easy for the competitors which turned this more into a speed competition than a lead competition. Usually I’m in for a speed competition but not during these qualifications. Mentioning that there will be a speed competition during the finals in three weeks advanced is a big challenge. Perhaps it is one of the reasons why not many competitors showed up. I’m in for a change but this format about duel climbing has a lot to improve.

This competition has led me to 5th place overall and made me officially qualified for the Dutch Leadclimbing Championship of 2009.

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