Back to Bleau

Last week I signed up for Back to Bleau which has held this Saturday at Rock Steady in Bussum. Together with Alexander Ledovskikh, it took us an hour and a half of driving to reach the venue. Fortunately, the weather was good because all the boulders were outdoors in the boulder garden. It was great seeing familiar faces there like Rens Schop, Victor Burger, Niek Fransen, the Fuerza ladies, and of course my sponsors Ad Siemons and Jort Veen. I decided to do all the boulders with Rens. There were 62 boulders in total and I had done more than 40 boulders. Time went by so fast and luckily, I was able to make it to the finals.

There were two boulders with a maximum of two attempts allowed for both the men and women’s finals. I didn’t do so well in the first boulder, but i was able to sent the second boulder on my first attempt and it was enough to land me in first place after all the scores were counted. Alexander came up in 4th and he was satisfied with his result. All this bouldering sure made everyone hungry so the barbecue afterwards was a great welcome.

This is my first victory and I have to say I am both happy and pleased with this result. So a big thanks to Rock Steady and the organisers of Back to Bleau for this great event.

Event results:

Men’s Women’s
1. Truong Ngo 1. Femke Prijs 2. Niek Fransen 2. Channah Brandsema 3. Wolter Westdijk 4. Alexander Ledovskikh

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